Hi,we are WiM [Women in Mobile]
And we work to attract, retain,
advance and give visibility to
women in the tech industry
together with our partners.
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Gender equality in C-level positions is not only a women’s issue, so we support both women and companies in their journey towards gender balanced leadership. We have the expertise you need.


Join our community and find the support you were looking for. Get advice from senior leaders and share ideas with women from different backgrounds and expertise. We can help you with:






Work with us to enhance gender diversity and enrich your team. Be a reference in your sector. We can help you with: dsdasdasddad

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We work to empower all women. Since 2014, when WiM was founded, different teams of professional volunteers have led this initiative, impacting and empowering more than 800 women per year. Today, the Board Team has the support of a group of tech leaders, our Advisory Board.  

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What does the #AdvisoryBoard say about #WiM? "Participate in the construction of the world we deserve, where technology is a means of improving society" - @MariaTeixidor



📌“No podemos ser lo que no podemos ver”.

Hoy hemos estado rompiendo estereotipos de la mano de @FundManantial @Women_in_Mobile @VillanuevaPilar y @SabiVazquez.

🙏Gracias a todos por vuestra participación y asistencia.

@sagefoundation #LifeAtSage #Voluntariado

What does the #AdvisoryBoard say about #WiM? "To develop #talent we need to have role models. We need more companies, such as #WiM, to inspire women to take #leadership roles" @davidtomas (cofounder of @cyberclicknet )



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