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Attract, retain, make visible and advance Women in Tech

industry through empowerment, education and leadership.


Gender equality in C-level positions in Tech industries and Tech Roles.

our story

We want more women in tech!

When Caroline Ragot and Vanessa Estorach attended tech events some years ago, they were astonished when they realised there was no queue to the women’s toilets. Incredible!

After joking about it, they saw the real problem: women weren’t attending nor speaking at these events. That’s why they decided to launch WiM, in order to give visibility to women in the tech sector.

board team

Aintzane Morales <BR> Social Media Specialist
Aintzane Morales
Social Media Specialist
Angela Guedes </br> Dir. of Member Experience
Angela Guedes
Dir. of Member Experience
Anna Sort </BR> Strategic Partnerships
Anna Sort
Strategic Partnerships
Bea Navarro  </BR>  IT Director
Bea Navarro
IT Director
Carolina Gómez </BR> Event Coordinator
Carolina Gómez
Event Coordinator
Raquel Sainz </br>Community Engagement Dir.
Raquel Sainz
Community Engagement Dir.
Sonia Casado                </BR>           Operations Director
Sonia Casado
Operations Director
Vanessa Estorach </BR> Cofounder & president
Vanessa Estorach
Cofounder & president

advisory board

 Laura Gil Centeno
Laura Gil Centeno
Dir. Transformación Digital -- DAMM
Carlos Iglesias
Carlos Iglesias
CEO Runroom y co-dir. de programa en ESADE
David Tomás
David Tomás
Cofounder Cyberclick ______
Gina Tost
Gina Tost
Europe and Latam Dir. for IGG + Journalist
Joana Barbany Freixa
Joana Barbany Freixa
DG de societat Digital Generalitat de Catalunya
Maria Teixidor Jufresa
Maria Teixidor Jufresa
Abogada, Emprendedora Legaltech -- CEO-VUCA

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What does the #AdvisoryBoard say about #WiM? "We must face a huge systemic problem caused by many gender #biases that we must demonstrate, combat & eliminate" @CarlosTheSailor (CEO @runroom)

#WiMCommunity | Do you want to be part of a #community of women in #technology that empowers other women towards #equality & #growth?

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#DATA | En cuanto a iniciativas empresariales, las mujeres apenas representan el 17% en la creación de start-ups como muestra el informe "Mujeres y digitalización. De las brechas a los algoritmos" (@InstMujeres )

👉Consulta ➕ información en : https://bit.ly/2ZAUDwA


#REFERENTS - @Women_in_Mobile té l’objectiu d’atraure, retenir, fer visibles i avançar les #dones en la industria tecnològica a partir de l’empoderament, l’educació i el lideratge.

Lluita per la #igualtat de gènere en lloc de direcció en la indústria tecnològica i llocs tècnics.

What does the #AdvisoryBoard say about #WiM? "There is a lack of movements that empower #women in #tech & #leadership from all areas.We need to address this!" @GinaTost (Journalist and European Marketing & Operations Director #IGG ) #ProudWiM


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