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Attract, retain, make visible and advance Women in Tech

industry through empowerment, education and leadership.


Gender equality in C-level positions in Tech industries and Tech Roles.

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We want more women in tech!

When Caroline Ragot and Vanessa Estorach attended tech events some years ago, they were astonished when they realised there was no queue to the women’s toilets. Incredible!

After joking about it, they saw the real problem: women weren’t attending nor speaking at these events. That’s why they decided to launch WiM, in order to give visibility to women in the tech sector.

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Today we present the study of The role of Women in the IV Industrial Revolution @CdEconomia I dedicate it to:
@txellbq @agenersurrell @WomenInL10N @NetAppWIT @theresejamaa @eva_klaud @silviavary @joanabarbany @AMBS_oficial @ClaraLapiedra @Women_in_Mobile @enginy_era We can do it.

How far has #GenderEquity in the tech business come? At #4YFN22 we had the chance to ask some inspiring #WomeninTech: Esade's Irene Unceta and @AgellNuria, @elenalfaro of @bbva, Mireia Vila of @PepsiCo, @elisenda_bou of Vilnyx and @Apple, and @vestorach of @Women_in_Mobile.👇

📣♀Ets dona al🙋‍♀️capdavant d'una start-up TIC de com a molt 2 anys d'antiguitat i mínim d'un 50% de dones?
🔝Presenta't al repte #WomenStartupChallenge!
🔎Informa't i no deixis passar aquesta oportunitat de creixement pel teu projecte📲https://bit.ly/3oAsAe8


What does the #AdvisoryBoard say about #WiM? "Participate in the construction of the world we deserve, where technology is a means of improving society" - @MariaTeixidor



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